Monday, July 18, 2011

Cool Scrapbook Stuff Book Club


Circle Journal Swap is still in full swing.  Are journals are 10 pages full of beautiful layouts. 

We have decided to start adding pages just so we can keep it going.



Special guest, Marianne VanWingerden, arrived from North Carolina with a very wonderful gift for Elena.

IMG_0314 It's a gorgeous portrait of Elena herself.  We all gushed over her and passed her around a couple of times. 

Marianne gave her some beautiful, soulful eyes. 


IMG_0291 IMG_0292

Pam Carriker, the author of our Book Club book selection for this cycle, Art at the Speed of Life, sent us some gifts.  Each of us received a set of four different postcards of her artwork.  One of them is actually a 4x6 sticker.  Very awesome! 

She also sent a 7-day journal that she made for one lucky book club member.  We did a random drawing and Peggie (Reggie) won.  Lucky girl. 

She was delighted!




Kathren made this clever altered box. 

It's absolutely lovely!



    Open it up and it becomes a birthday gift. 







Alicia created this beautiful collage picture.  It is painted and much of it is tiny pieces of paper.  for example the hair and lips are paper.  I wish you could see it in person.  It's incredible!






Elena has been busy making resin jewelry. This is a ring with a small copy of her own painting.  She used a Suzi Blu stamp, colored and resized it, added some wings and placed it under Little Windows Resin, which was then added on top of a large button.  Then she embellished with a strand of rhinestones around the rim.



Here is another example of Elena's beautiful jewelry art.  There are several resin pieces combined with button stacks, charms and beads. 


Speaking of button stacks, our members did a button stack charm swap.  Here are the results.  We each received all of these charms to use in our own jewelry or art idea.


IMG_0315IMG_0319 We ended our evening doing a Make and Take.  Here are all of our purse hooks.  We started with a blank hook and added rhinestones and micro beads.  Each one is just a little different.  I don't think there are two that are exactly alike.  It was fun and everyone went home with a glitzy purse hook.IMG_0316IMG_0317IMG_0318


IMG_0329This month our kit contained Claudine Hellmuth Sticky Back Canvas by Ranger, Cosmo Cricket Tiny Type stickers and a bottle of Ranger Distress Crackle Paint.







Gentle Reminder of items you may wish to bring next month:

  • New Cycle - Please check in with Cool Scrapbook Stuff and make your payment arrangements prior to the meeting.
  • Circle Journal
  • Projects you've been working on
  • Finished project from Book Club kit
  • Tool kit, including scissors, glue and a pen or pencil
  • Camera
  • A snack to share


Things to remember:
  • Next meeting is the 1st month of a 3 month cycle and is scheduled Wednesday, August 17th at 6:30 p.m., at Cool Scrapbook Stuff in Poway.
  • New book has not been selected yet.  TBA
  • New swap with be discussed further.
  • Keep in mind, White Elephant Swap for Christmas.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Creating Outside the Book at Gee Gee's

GG 060711 (3)

The next book selection for Book Club is Mixed and Stitched by Jen Osborn.  Pick it up because we will begin using it for our Gee Gee's Book Club, next cycle, which starts in September.


  GG 060711 (27)

Kat and Elena


GG 060711

Kristal and Cynthia


GG 060711 (2)

Nanci made this pendant using Little Windows Brilliant Resin by Fran Valera. 

GG 060711 (5)

Elena tried her had at Little Windows and came up with some unique ideas.  She added charms, buttons, wire-words and wings.


GG 060711 (8)

Nanci said, "People don't usually get to see me this pissed off."

GG 060711 (24)

We thought it was an amazing piece of art that was truly inspired by an authentic emotion.



GG 060711 (9)GG 060711 (10)

Nanci also designed and created this beautiful storybook photo album using the Graphics 45 Once Upon a Springtime paper Collection.


GG 060711 (26)

Nanci and Lola


GG 060711 (17)

Lola created this summer, beach days album as a gift.  Someone is a lucky person.  It is completely full of pictures from happy events.




The following pictures are of artwork by Pam.  These are items that she created at the recent Cloth Paper Scissors event, CREATE.

GG 060711 (11)


"Awe, she loves you Elena!"

 GG 060711 (12)


GG 060711 (13)Another little item with eyes.  "I call them critters," says Pam. 

Both of Pam's critters are hand-painted and delightful.  I forgot to ask, but I don't think they live under the bed with the 100...ooops, 99 kittens.

GG 060711 (14)GG 060711 (15)

This was a class that Pam took at CREATE, taught by Pam Carriker.  In her book, Art at the Speed of Life, she calls it the Ten-Minute Journal.  Instructions are provided on pages 24-25.GG 060711 (16)GG 060711 (19)GG 060711 (20)GG 060711 (21)

Pam painted this background art on fabric.  We all have ideas on some uses for this beautiful fabric.

GG 060711 (25)

Pam and Terri


GG 060711 (22)

This is the tiniest art journal I've ever seen.  It's approximately 3"x4".

GG 060711 (23)

Terri has turned this tiny art journal into a wonderful project that she carries in her purse.  Whenever the mood suits her, she takes it out and creates a page.  Fabulous idea!



This month's kit included Teresa Collins Documented 8-piece set, Documented Die-Cut Charms, a 12" transparency, the scalloped covers and pre-punched page protectors.


If you were not at the meeting, we discussed the following:

1. Starting a Canvas Swap.  Each person will start their canvas, bring it to the meeting and pass it to another person.  That person will add to the canvas.  The next month someone else will add to the canvas.  Here's what we know so far:

  • Starts in September
  • Canvas must be 5"x7" or larger
  • For protection to your canvas, bring it in a shopping bag with your name on it.
  • Put a note with your canvas describing some of your likes and dislikes. For example, if you hate the color purple, then add that to your note.

2.  We are going to do a tag swap.  Elena will provide the tags.  The tags are about you.  Here's what we know:

  • Starts in September
  • Bring a picture of you times 14 (14 of the same picture).
  • Bring a note that includes your name and some fun facts about you.  Make 14 notes.

3.  Christmas is around the corner.  We are going to do a White Elephant Swap.  It must be something you created and would want to have yourself.  Keep it in mind when you making art.  More discussion in future meetings.

Gentle Reminder of items you may want to bring next month:

  • Projects you've been working on
  • Little Windows Resin Art Projects
  • Tool kit, including scissors, glue,  a pen or pencil.
  • Canvas for the Canvas Swap - (Starts in September) Ladies who have committed to the canvas swap so far are:
    • Kat Baker
    • Cynthia Ellis
    • Elena Etcheverry
    • Lola Finklestein
    • Nanci Ishii
    • Terri Kinjo
    • Kristal Lemke
    • Pam Rothberg
  • A snack to share
  • Camera
Things to remember:
  • August will be the 3rd month of a 4-month cycle and the meeting is Thursday, August 4th. 
  • We will be meeting at Gee Gee's.
  • We are doing a dress-form swap that will be due in September, which is the last month of our cycle.  Ladies who have committed to the swap are:

    • Kat Baker
    • Cynthia Ellis
    • Elena Etcheverry
    • Ally Evers
    • Sheila Goldsberry
    • Nanci Ishii
    • Terri Kinjo
    • Kristal Lemke
    • Cheryl Lindsay
    • Danette Munn
    • Glenna Ruoff
    • Pam Rothberg