Monday, March 21, 2011

Cool Scrapbook Stuff Book Club


It was another awesome book club in the Crop Spot at Cool Scrapbook Stuff in Poway.  Each cycle we do a swap.  Here's a few pages from our current swap, which is a circle journal swap.  Elena gave us this idea and we all love it.  Everyone is really rising to the opportunity and putting their best foot forward as evident by these pictures.  When we decide to end the swap (so far no date in sight), each of us will have a distinctly different and fabulous art journal that was personalized and created with love by our friends.


   CSS BC 131611 (15)     CSS BC 131611 (2)

Our good friend Cyndi educated us this month on Copic markers and provided a make and take.  Many of us had never spent time with these remarkable markers.  Cyndi shared tips that offer greater success in working with them.  She recommends using the Classic Crest Solar White Neenah paper, and for your stamps, use Memento Ink, a dye ink by Tsukineko.  She also suggested we go to the Copics website and print out a color chart.  As you purchase your markers, you can identify the colors in your collection on the chart.  Go here for Copic's tutorials.  Remember, Cool Scrapbook Stuff has a large assortment of Copics for sale.  If you would like to learn more about Copics, Cool Scrapbook Stuff is having a Copics class on March 27th, at 2:00, for $23.00.  Check out the Cool Scrapbook Stuff calendar here.

The make and take began with a practice butterfly that we used to learn a flicking technique.  Then Cyndi gave us each a stamped picture using a Suzi Blu stamp.  Lots of coloring on this pretty picture. Suzi Blu stamps can be purchased through Unity Stamp Co.

I suspect several people will be adding Copics markers to their stash of crafting tools.  Think of how useful they would be when working with journals, which is the project for this cycle.


CSS BC 131611 (4) CSS BC 131611 (3)

Elena shared her unique picture created with Rigid Wrap, which can be purchased at Michaels.  It's a heart with wire wings and a pretty butterfly...oh, but wait, there's a big nail and blood drops and hmmmm.  She says it's a wounded wing period piece. 

Elena is off to another Expo in Pleasanton.  We look forward to her getting back soon and getting those wings healed. 

Speaking of Expo's, San Diego will be having an Expo at the Del Mar Fair Grounds on April 29-30.  In addition to the Expo, Charity Wings is hosting a crop on Friday and Saturday.  It's a fun time to get a group together.  If you would like to volunteer to work the Expo with Elena and Charity Wings, they would love to hear from you. 


CSS BC 131611 (6)    CSS BC 131611 (5)

Debby took her journal home and created a wonderful two-page spread of couples in her family.  What an inspiring way to start a journal. 


CSS BC 131611 (7)CSS BC 131611 (8)

These little canvas beauties were fashioned by Danette.  She used Suzi Blu stamps and watercolor pencils. 

Danette also created the following beautiful two-page layout of her daughter, using the kit we received at book club last month.

CSS BC 131611 (9)


CSS BC 131611 (10)



Kathren used last month's book club kit to create a desk set for work.  Everyone will surely know who these items belong to.CSS BC 131611 (11)



Alicia turned this simple frame into a beautiful work of art by using the same kit from last month.






  CSS BC 131611 (13)

CSS BC 131611 (12)

Susie attended Seaside Soiree with Charity Wings and took a class from Alisa Burke.  She learned to make these gorgeous canvas clutch purses.  Each bag is artistically color coordinated, beautifully lined and embellished with buttons. 

I think she may be looking at a new side business.  She has certainly taken this art form to the next level and mastered the skill.  I want the little one, third down on the right.


CSS BC 131611 (14)

This broken heart necklace was created by Kat for Elena on her birthday last year.


CSS BC 131611 (16)

Peggy showing her pretty, altered box.


CSS BC 131611 (17)

Gaye shared her story journal.  She wrote a story about an interesting incident that happened in her life.  Embellishing three chipboard journals and adding the story, she has created a treasure for herself, as well as future generations.


CSS BC 131611

An encaustic collage painting by Kat who has never done anything with an Asian theme.  Strangely, this collage was created only days before Japan's devastating tsunami.  Our hearts and prayers are with the people of Japan.  There is a Facebook group called Artists for Japan.  They are asking for donations of art, which will be auctioned for money to go to the Red Cross in an effort to support Japan.


With the Stories In Hand theme of our current cycle in mind, this month's kit included a glass picture frame, transparencies, rub-ons and a Pearl Pen by Viva Decor


Gentle Reminder of items you may wish to bring next month:

  • Circle Journal
  • Stick Pin Swap
  • Projects you've been working on
  • Finished project from Book Club kit
  • Your Stories in Hand book and Journal
  • Tool kit, including scissors, glue and a pen or pencil
  • Camera
  • A snack to share

Things to remember:

  • Next meeting is the 3rd month of a 3 month cycle and is scheduled for Wednesday, April 20, at 6:30 p.m.
  • Pick up this cycle's new Book - Stories in Hand by Jessica Sprague - Can be purchased at Cool Scrapbook Stuff
  • Continue Swap - Circle Journal
  • New Swap - Make Fifteen Stick Pins - due April 20th


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Everyone Cropping Together

We had a wonderful turnout for the crop this cycle.  In attendance was a fabulous group of book club ladies and their guests, cropping and getting to know each other better. 


Here's a couple of pretty ladies, Alma and Kathryn, beautiful inside and out.


Sarah and Susie.  Sarah was Susie's guest and we look forward to seeing her again.


Check out Pam's amazing journal.  She has included lots of different techniques making it not only beautiful but also a useful tool.


I wanted to take a picture of two of my favorite gals.  Cynthia closed her eyes and Alicia leaned back, both attempting to hide from the camera.  You guys are so funny!


This month, two six foot tables simply were not enough for our sweet friend Cyndi.  See behind her!  She's already starting on another table!  Tee Hee.  However, as she is saying to me here, "Some of that space is for the extra's."  Cyndi was beyond thoughtful and brought tons of extra stick pins and beads to share with the group for our upcoming swap.  I know it saved me some frustration trying to find the pins. Thanks Cyndi.


Kat and Glenna sharing a moment together.


The food table was incredible.  No one went out to eat lunch.  We had more food then we could handle...and it was delicious.  We munched on fruit, chips and dips, drinks and what is that...Yes, it's BAKLAVA.  Mmmmm!


Did I mention Sarah's eggrolls?  No, well they were to die for and we ate every single one.  It simply isn't a crop without chocolate.  No worries there.  We had candy and Glenna's amazing chocolate chip cookies. 


Yay!  Gaye doesn't just have one of these mighty tape runners, she has two!  And she was working both of them.


Alicia's guest Gail joined us for this fun day.  Gail is thinking about joining Creating Outside the Book book club.  We hope to see more of her very soon!


Way back there is Kathren, then Alma, Pam, and of course, our super shopper, Fern.

We missed those who could not make it to this crop.  Hopefully, you'll be able to attend the next one because I think we all agreed...more is better.  We had so much fun cropping, shopping, eating, gabbing, and sharing our stuff with each other (thank you Cynthia).  I can't wait for the next crop.  It is such an awesome, fun time and an excellent opportunity to get things finished.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Creating Outside the Book at Elena's


In the back, Nanci, Davi, Cynthia, Elena and Sheila

In the front, Lola, Danette, Glenna and Pam

No Gloves or blankets this week!

Book Club was held at Elena's House this month.  It was cozy and we had so much fun being girlfriends...talking about the latest and greatest events, products on the market, and of course, our own art.  We spent much of our time together laughing and supporting.  And, yes, that is Lola with leprechauns coming out of her head.  Hee Hee!



Pam, Glenna, Danette and Lola



Pam had no trouble mastering the  ICE Resin and made this beautiful pendant with the embedded butterfly.  (Too bad Kat hasn't learned how to use her camera yet.)  The other object is a domino that Pam used alcohol inks on and then covered with the ICE Resin.  Both are impressive.



Sheila and Kat


Kat's ICE Resin pendant.



Can you guess who this is?


Sweet Elena and her adorable brother, Eric. 

Elena showed us this lovely heritage, fabric album. What great pictures and art to cherish. 

I was pondering the sewing part.  Elena...sewing?  But then she mentioned that she did this precious book at a class at Jackie Baxted's house.  So, now we know she sews too!










Thank you Davi for bringing the munchies.  Cheese, salami, crackers and sweet breads.  I think we were in a little bit of heaven.

It was Perfect!


Davi created this bird picture based on a class she took with Jane La Fazio.  She made it into cards for an organization her husband works with.



Davi shared her gorgeous canvas and fabric photo book, which she created in a class with K. C. Willis.  All the photos are printed on fabric.  The canvas and lace are tea dyed and singed to get that really aged look.  We all ooh'd and awe'd over this book. 

What an incredible heirloom to pass on.


DSC04871Elena and Cynthia

Thank you Cynthia for bringing the tea.  It was just what the Dr. called for, especially in my case.


Cynthia rocked the clock on this beautiful canvas collage of

her with her Mother and brothers...

as she puts it, "It was a long time ago".



DSC04896Elena made these incredible collar necklaces.



We each received a stamp created by the cute German boys at La Blanche.  This is a silicone stamp with tons of detail.  Here's a YouTube video showing the stamps.  Also, from La Blanche, we received two pieces of Specialty Stamping Paper.  It's non- coated and guarantees amazing results with your finest detailed stamps.



Oooh, the kit was yummy this month.  Lots of beautiful papers and embellies to work with, plus a roll of washi tape and a pot of violet Inka Gold by Viva Décor (go here for a YouTube video of Inka Gold).  The beautiful Japanese papers are from Kodomo Inc. I can't wait to see what these artsy girls do with that gorgeous calligraphy paper.

We missed Judy at the meeting this month but very happy to hear that she is feeling better.  We hope Linda is also recovered, and we look forward to being back at the Urban Barn next month.


Current Swap:  ATC's

Only criteria:

  • Size must be 2 1/2 x 3 1/2

  • Make 11 ATC's the same

  • On the back: Name, Date, Number (1 of 11, etc.), website

  • Due at our next meet-up April 14th


New Swap:  LIFE IS LOVE - ATC Banner. 

Only criteria: 

  • Size must be 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 and on chip-board 
  • Letter must be Black
  • Make 10 ATC's of your letter
  • Due at May meet-up

Letters were selected as follows:

  • L  Davi

  • O  Cynthia

  • V  Nanci

  • E  Danette

  • I  Pam

  • S  Kat

  • L  Lola

  • I  Sheila

  • F  Elena

  • E  Glenna


Gentle Reminder of items you may want to bring next month:

  • Projects you've been working on
  • Bring something to share from the ICE Resin Book. Go here for a helpful video.
  • Current ATC Swap is due (there are 12 of us)
  • Tool kit, including scissors, glue,  a pen or pencil and your new book
  • A snack to share
  • Camera
Things to remember:
  • 3rd month of a 4 month cycle and next meeting is on a different date - April 14
  • New Swap - ATC Banner - Make 12 - Due in May