Sunday, March 13, 2011

Everyone Cropping Together

We had a wonderful turnout for the crop this cycle.  In attendance was a fabulous group of book club ladies and their guests, cropping and getting to know each other better. 


Here's a couple of pretty ladies, Alma and Kathryn, beautiful inside and out.


Sarah and Susie.  Sarah was Susie's guest and we look forward to seeing her again.


Check out Pam's amazing journal.  She has included lots of different techniques making it not only beautiful but also a useful tool.


I wanted to take a picture of two of my favorite gals.  Cynthia closed her eyes and Alicia leaned back, both attempting to hide from the camera.  You guys are so funny!


This month, two six foot tables simply were not enough for our sweet friend Cyndi.  See behind her!  She's already starting on another table!  Tee Hee.  However, as she is saying to me here, "Some of that space is for the extra's."  Cyndi was beyond thoughtful and brought tons of extra stick pins and beads to share with the group for our upcoming swap.  I know it saved me some frustration trying to find the pins. Thanks Cyndi.


Kat and Glenna sharing a moment together.


The food table was incredible.  No one went out to eat lunch.  We had more food then we could handle...and it was delicious.  We munched on fruit, chips and dips, drinks and what is that...Yes, it's BAKLAVA.  Mmmmm!


Did I mention Sarah's eggrolls?  No, well they were to die for and we ate every single one.  It simply isn't a crop without chocolate.  No worries there.  We had candy and Glenna's amazing chocolate chip cookies. 


Yay!  Gaye doesn't just have one of these mighty tape runners, she has two!  And she was working both of them.


Alicia's guest Gail joined us for this fun day.  Gail is thinking about joining Creating Outside the Book book club.  We hope to see more of her very soon!


Way back there is Kathren, then Alma, Pam, and of course, our super shopper, Fern.

We missed those who could not make it to this crop.  Hopefully, you'll be able to attend the next one because I think we all agreed...more is better.  We had so much fun cropping, shopping, eating, gabbing, and sharing our stuff with each other (thank you Cynthia).  I can't wait for the next crop.  It is such an awesome, fun time and an excellent opportunity to get things finished.

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