Sunday, March 6, 2011

Creating Outside the Book at Elena's


In the back, Nanci, Davi, Cynthia, Elena and Sheila

In the front, Lola, Danette, Glenna and Pam

No Gloves or blankets this week!

Book Club was held at Elena's House this month.  It was cozy and we had so much fun being girlfriends...talking about the latest and greatest events, products on the market, and of course, our own art.  We spent much of our time together laughing and supporting.  And, yes, that is Lola with leprechauns coming out of her head.  Hee Hee!



Pam, Glenna, Danette and Lola



Pam had no trouble mastering the  ICE Resin and made this beautiful pendant with the embedded butterfly.  (Too bad Kat hasn't learned how to use her camera yet.)  The other object is a domino that Pam used alcohol inks on and then covered with the ICE Resin.  Both are impressive.



Sheila and Kat


Kat's ICE Resin pendant.



Can you guess who this is?


Sweet Elena and her adorable brother, Eric. 

Elena showed us this lovely heritage, fabric album. What great pictures and art to cherish. 

I was pondering the sewing part.  Elena...sewing?  But then she mentioned that she did this precious book at a class at Jackie Baxted's house.  So, now we know she sews too!










Thank you Davi for bringing the munchies.  Cheese, salami, crackers and sweet breads.  I think we were in a little bit of heaven.

It was Perfect!


Davi created this bird picture based on a class she took with Jane La Fazio.  She made it into cards for an organization her husband works with.



Davi shared her gorgeous canvas and fabric photo book, which she created in a class with K. C. Willis.  All the photos are printed on fabric.  The canvas and lace are tea dyed and singed to get that really aged look.  We all ooh'd and awe'd over this book. 

What an incredible heirloom to pass on.


DSC04871Elena and Cynthia

Thank you Cynthia for bringing the tea.  It was just what the Dr. called for, especially in my case.


Cynthia rocked the clock on this beautiful canvas collage of

her with her Mother and brothers...

as she puts it, "It was a long time ago".



DSC04896Elena made these incredible collar necklaces.



We each received a stamp created by the cute German boys at La Blanche.  This is a silicone stamp with tons of detail.  Here's a YouTube video showing the stamps.  Also, from La Blanche, we received two pieces of Specialty Stamping Paper.  It's non- coated and guarantees amazing results with your finest detailed stamps.



Oooh, the kit was yummy this month.  Lots of beautiful papers and embellies to work with, plus a roll of washi tape and a pot of violet Inka Gold by Viva Décor (go here for a YouTube video of Inka Gold).  The beautiful Japanese papers are from Kodomo Inc. I can't wait to see what these artsy girls do with that gorgeous calligraphy paper.

We missed Judy at the meeting this month but very happy to hear that she is feeling better.  We hope Linda is also recovered, and we look forward to being back at the Urban Barn next month.


Current Swap:  ATC's

Only criteria:

  • Size must be 2 1/2 x 3 1/2

  • Make 11 ATC's the same

  • On the back: Name, Date, Number (1 of 11, etc.), website

  • Due at our next meet-up April 14th


New Swap:  LIFE IS LOVE - ATC Banner. 

Only criteria: 

  • Size must be 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 and on chip-board 
  • Letter must be Black
  • Make 10 ATC's of your letter
  • Due at May meet-up

Letters were selected as follows:

  • L  Davi

  • O  Cynthia

  • V  Nanci

  • E  Danette

  • I  Pam

  • S  Kat

  • L  Lola

  • I  Sheila

  • F  Elena

  • E  Glenna


Gentle Reminder of items you may want to bring next month:

  • Projects you've been working on
  • Bring something to share from the ICE Resin Book. Go here for a helpful video.
  • Current ATC Swap is due (there are 12 of us)
  • Tool kit, including scissors, glue,  a pen or pencil and your new book
  • A snack to share
  • Camera
Things to remember:
  • 3rd month of a 4 month cycle and next meeting is on a different date - April 14
  • New Swap - ATC Banner - Make 12 - Due in May

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