Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cool Scrapbook Stuff Book Club

Creating Outside the Book Circle Journals are complete.  Everyone had a blast with this project.  We started the journals in January, and each month thereafter, a member from book club created a new page in another member's book.  There isn't a single page that is the same. 

I love my journal and am so happy to finally be able to take it home and really look at it.  It's a wonderful keepsake that will always remind me of my fabulous friends in our Book Club.



IMG_0547Look what our fearless leader, Elena made for us.  It's a personalized Book Club tote bag.  We each received one of these adorable bag.  It's a wonderful way for us to save the planet one plastic bag at a time.  No more shopping bags for our kits.  Bring your tote bag to Book Club every month.



IMG_0514  IMG_0515

IMG_0537We spent a much of our evening playing with the make and take.  Lots of fabric scraps, some trim...pick a color pallet, or theme, layer it together and you have an adorable embellishment for another project. 


Denise gave us the idea of adding them to our new Book Club totes.




The make and take design was taken from an article in the Somerset Memories magazine, which is our inspiration book for this cycle.









Cynthia is hard at work making a pretty fabric embellishment from her scraps.





Gaye, Alma and Elena having fun creating.


Here are some of the finished embellies.



Here's Fern showing her adorable altered dress form and matching changing screen.  Kitties galore!




This sophisticated dress form was created by Alicia.












IMG_0529Elena's canvas is so cute.  She beautified a Suzi Blu stamp for the pretty girl and then added the flying piggy and the background.IMG_0533



Kat made a collage picture with a Girl in a garden of butterflies.



A few months ago, we had a button stack swap.  Everyone made button stacks and we each ended up with fourteen different button stack charms.  Elena brought us bracelets and Gaye quickly turned her stacks into this whimsical bracelet.



Gentle Reminder of items you may wish to bring next month:

  • Tags are due
  • Your book - Somerset Life (Can be purchased at CSS)
  • Projects you would like to share
  • Finished project from Book Club kit
  • Tool kit, including scissors, glue and a pen or pencil
  • Camera
  • A snack to share

Things to remember:

  • October is the third month of this cycle.  Our meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 19, at 6:30, at Cool Scrapbook Stuff
  • Crop is October 23rd, from 11:00 to 5:30 at Cool Scrapbook Stuff.  Free for Book Club members and one guest.  Be sure you reserve your spots.  Potluck!

Tag swap.  The tags are about you.

  • Due in October
  • Make tags that include a picture of you.  
  • Add some little know fact or facts about yourself.
  • Make 13

White Elephant Gift Exchange.  The holidays are around the corner.  Start thinking about and working on your Gift.  It must be something wonderful, that you created, and would want to keep for yourself.  Put your best foot forward.  Party will be at Alicia's home, on December 14th, 6:30-8:30 p.m.  Potluck!  More details to come.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gee Gee's Book Club Welcome's Lisa Fulmer


Lisa says, "One very important thing to remember about needle felting is to avoid poking your finger with the needle because it will seriously hurt."

What a fun night that started with a special guest appearance from Lisa Fulmer from C&T Publishing.  Lisa is a well known artist in the crafting industry and would love for you to FB friend her at Lisa Liza Lou Designs.  Lisa came to our meeting armed with her friend, and fellow crafter, Andrea Currie, and a demonstration of Needle Felting techniques and Needle Felting with Lutradur.  We had lots of giggles.

If that wasn't enough excitement for one night, we also had the pleasure of skyping with the one and only Jen Osborn, author of our current book, Mixed and Stitched.  Each of us had an opportunity to spend a few minutes talking with this wonderful lady as she hung out in her home in Michigan.


Glenna, Nanci, Ally, Gayle (Owner of Gee Gee's), Kristal, Cynthia, Pam, Terri

Awwe!  Here are some of our fabulous, artsy, Creating Outside the Book ladies waiting expectantly for Elena to tell us what to do next. 


Dress Forms Swap.  Check out all the beautifully embellished dress forms we swapped.  The rules were simply to use the Tim Holtz Dress Form Die Cut and embellish.  Everyone went home with a stack of these to use on future projects. It's amazing what 12 different minds will come up with.



This is our newest swap.  It's a canvas swap.  The only rule was to start your canvas.  As you can see everyone had different ideas on what it means to start a canvas.  We then passed our canvas to another book club member who will add embellishments, paint, fabric, or whatever they want to add.  Then next month each canvas will be passed to the next person for further embellishing.  In the end we will get back the canvas we started with.  The fun is that it will include a compilation of artistic ideas from each one of our members. 



Lola created this beautiful Life is Love banner from the letters that we all created in our recent letter swap.  She added dangles to each letter and then attached the letters to a yardstick. 



It clear that Glenna spent some happy time on this lovely layout of she and her Grandma.  It's amazing what happens with our art when we have such a beautiful inspiration.


Here is another example of Glenna's wonderful artistic ability. 












These adorable little collages are examples of what we worked on for our make and take.  They are miniature pieces of art collaged or sewed on fabric. 


This one also included bees wax.


This idea was taken from Jen Osborn's book, Mixed and Stitched.







Gentle Reminder of items you may want to bring next month:

  • Canvas for the Canvas Swap -  Ladies who have committed to the canvas swap so far are:
    • Ally Evers
    • Glenna Ruoff
    • Sheila Goldsberry
    • Kat Baker
    • Cynthia Ellis
    • Elena Etcheverry
    • Lola Finklestein
    • Nanci Ishii
    • Terri Kinjo
    • Kristal Lemke
    • Pam Rothberg
  • Projects you've been working on
  • Current book is Mixed and Stitched by Jen Osborn
  • Tool kit, including scissors, glue,  a pen or pencil.
    • A snack to share
    • Camera

    0511-0808-2900-2326Things to remember:

    • October is the 2nd month of a 4-month cycle and the meeting is Thursday, October 6th at Gee Gee's.


    213081-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Canvas-Character-Painting1. Canvas Swap.  

    • Due Month to Month
    • For protection to your canvas, bring it in a shopping bag with your name on it.


    shippingtag_blog_badge_large2.  Tag swap

    • Due in November
    • Make tags that include a picture of you.  
    • Add some little know facts about yourself.
    • Make 14

    gift113.  White Elephant Gift Exchange.  Christmas is around the corner.  Start thinking about and working on your Gift.  It must be something wonderful, that you created, and would want to keep for yourself.  Put your best foot forward.