Thursday, January 13, 2011

Urban Barn - January

Hello Lovely Book Club Friends,

DSC04734Our first meet-up of the year was January 6th at the Urban Barn in Escondido.  The ambience of the Urban Barn is an experience in itself.  Gathering together on vintage couches and chairs, we discussed upcoming events, shared our latest projects and
Lola's pumpkin muffins.  Mmmm...Yummy!

DSC04741Cynthia, Nancy, and Lola

Elena Cheryl & SheilaDSC04727 

DSC04728We were honored to have the fabulous Cheryl Waters as our guest speaker.  She shared her story as one of the Lead Fiskateers for Fiskars.  (Check out the Fiskateers website for an article from Cheryl and some more pictures of our meet-up.)

She brought her incredible Lucky Thirteen Circle Journal to share. The story and pages from this journal were recently published in Stampington's Autumn 2010 issue of Somerset Memories and is a collaboration of thirteen artists from around the world, including our own Book Club leader Elena Etcheverry.

DSC04740  If that wasn't enough fun, Cheryl discussed and inspired us all to submit our personal art to the Stampington & Company for publication in one of their awesome magazines.

Taking our break is always fun because there is so much to look at while at the Urban Barn.  It doesn't matter how often you go, there is something new or something that you didn't see before...and of course, you WANT IT! 

DSC04732Cynthia and Glenna admiring Cheryl's Lucky Thirteen Album.

Cheryl and Elena giving some love to the camera.
Cheryl and Elena giving some love to the camera.

The Grand Duchess, Kat, sporting her glitzy tiara and wielding her lint roller wand.

After our break, Cheryl did a drawing and everyone won some great Fiskars tools, a Stampington magazine and then she gave us these adorable kits.  Her idea was that we could make a valentine card, ATC or a journal page.  Everyone is going to do that and we'll bring our item to next month's meet-up.

At the end of our gathering we received our monthly kits, which were wonderful wood cigar boxes of different shapes and sizes.  Each was wrapped in beautiful ribbon and inside were more treasures to help us make something really fun.  Everyone has the option of leaving their cigar boxes as is, but if you decide to alter your box, be sure to bring it to next month's meet-up.

Urban Barn has a Street Faire every month. 
This month's Street Faire is January 28 & 29

Gentle Reminder of items you may want to bring next month:
  • Projects you've been working on
  • Finished project from Cheryl's kit
  • Finished project from Book Club kit
  • Tool kit, including scissors, glue and a pen or pencil
  • A snack to share

Things to remember:
  • New 4 month cycle and next meeting starts February 3rd.
  • New Book - TBD
  • A Valentine Card to swap
  • New Swap - ATC's - Make 12 (Here is some helpful info.)

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  1. Let's not foregt the Tussie Mussie Make N Take for our FEB. MTG !!!!

  2. ok. so awesome! I love it Kat! So fun! and yes, the tussy mussy is going to be so fun! Thanks Lola!

  3. Yes Totally agree with the AWESOMENESS !!!