Sunday, February 6, 2011

Urban Barn Book Club - 02/11


We were all so excited as we received our new book for this cycle especially since it was just released at CHA.  The name of this 2011 book is Explore, Create, Resinate - Mixed Media Techniques using ICE Resin. It was written by Jen Cushman an artist, author and expert in ICE Resin.  Many of the articles include artwork by Susan Lenart Kazmer, the creator of ICE Resin.

For more information and to purchase products go to

Explore, Create, Resinate was the inspiration for our kit, which included a package of ICE Resin, a bezel, mixing tools, and a sample of Glue Art. 
This is our main focus for next month's meeting.  Everyone will bring their new jewelry made with ICE Resin.

We spent a lot of time talking about the recent CHA show(Craft and Hobby Association) and some of the awesome new tools, papers and embellishments the industry is coming out with this year.  We talked and laughed about the LIVE show and some of Elena and Sheila's funny experiences.

IMG_0750        IMG_0750

Lola brought Gizmo, her sweet little Papillion. There he was sitting in her tool basket. It was a wee bit cold at the Barn so Gizmo had on two sweaters.  I think we all wish we had two sweaters, but we did manage with jackets, blankets, gloves, whatever we could find.

Thank you to Nancy who brought wonderful homemade cookies and milk.  And, thank you to Cynthia who brought hot tea with all the fixings, which made lots of people happy.

Glenna, Sheila, Danette

Nancy and Davi looking at some of the items that were brought in for show and tell.   Notice little Gizmo is right under Davi's arm.  So cute!  As you can see the Urban Barn is incredibly eclectic and everything we sit on or near is typically ancient.  It's truly a fun inspiring place to have a gathering.

(Welcome to Davi, or newest member.  We look forward to getting to know you.)

Our Boy, Jimmy was so cold he had his mittens and hat on.  Jimmy came to see what the fun was all about.  We love our Boy!  Elena workin' the Droid.

This is Sheila's altered cigar box, which holds her princess crowns. On top, she added a little silver dish for her
royal rings.

   Glenna's colorful layout.

IMG_0756    IMG_0757

Nancy made this beautiful purse.  Every single bit of it...inside and out. The big flower was created with 6 feet of fabric and hand sewn onto the purse.  We wondered if she cut the bamboo and hand bent it for the handle, but she didn't claim that part of this exquisite purse.

DSC04781 DSC04782
Kat's two page journal layout based on the kit we received last month from Cheryl Waters.

IMG_0758     IMG_0759
This incredible mini book, that is so loaded with pictures and embellishments, was made by Glenna and inspired by a Katie Watson design and class.  It's truly a keepsake.

IMG_0763 DSC04786 IMG_0761
A big thank you to Lola who provided our make and take on this chilly evening.  With freezing hands, she taught us how to make a tussie mussie out of paper.  Other than the ribbons, every bit of it is paper, including the flowers.  She provided us with incredible handwritten diagrams and directions so that we can go home and make these little gifts for any occasion. 

We ended our evening with a swap.  Several of us made one Valentine card.  We attached a number to each card and then picked numbers out of a hat. It was simple and lots of fun!  Most of the valentines were inspired by the kit from Cheryl Waters.

Gentle Reminder of items you may want to bring next month:
  • Projects you've been working on
  • Everyone try to bring something in from the ICE Resin Book Club kit
  • Tool kit, including scissors, glue,  a pen or pencil and your new book
  • A snack to share
Things to remember:
  • 2nd month of 4 month cycle and next meeting is March 3rd.
  • New Swap - ATC's - Make 12 - Due in May - Clever template here


  1. yes! Lola was awesome with her make and take! can't wait to see what you all make. Lovely lovely awesome blog post Kat! you are the best best best!

  2. Kat, you rocked the post. Thank you for inviting me to the Club, and thank you to everyone for welcoming me. :-)