Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's the Vagabond Book Club


It really doesn't seem to matter where we gather.  It doesn't even matter that we have found ourselves homeless.  The point is that we have a blast together.   It is so wonderful to be with women who support and encourage you and your art.  It is an inspiring and a positive environment.  If you are local, and might be interested in a mixed media, social gathering of women, check us out.  We would love to welcome you. 

This month we met at Elena's.  We started our evening discussing events in the local art community.  The last weekend of this month is the Del Mar Scrapbook Expo and Charity Wings will be hosting the crops.  It is also the Charity Wings Organization's five-year anniversary and they will be celebrating in style at the Saturday crop.  This exciting celebration will include an exclusive special goody bag, the drawing for the month long Art for Japan raffle and many other surprises. 

Raffle tickets are on sale now for the Charity Wings for Japan raffle.  If you would like to donate a piece of art for the raffle, there's still time.  Go here for more information.

This night was ATC (Artist Trading Cards) swap night.  We were very excited to get our exchange started.  For some of us, creating an ATC was a new experience.  All of them were awesome!  An ATC is like a tiny canvas and when it's combined with an artist's style and ideas, the sky's the limit.  We each ended up with a collection of each other's art.  We all made one extra to donate to the Charity Wings for Japan raffle.  Here are some of our ladies holding their fabulous ATC's. 

VB BC 041311 (4)Glenna's ATC is so adorable!  It's a bouquet of handmade flowers.  Every part of it is paper pieced. 


VB BC 041311 (2)Wait, that's not an ATC.  That's Elena's mug from Harry Potter World.  Everyone loved saying Harry Potter World.

VB BC 041311 (5)Nanci's card was double sided with a bird and a cage.  She coated it with Mod Podge so it is shiny.


VB BC 041311 (6)Lola's daughter created a picture of her, and Lola artistically manipulated it into her ATC.  It is double sided and entitled Sugar Baby.


VB BC 041311 (7)Pam's unique card was stamped, colored, and then covered with dress pattern tissue. 


VB BC 041311 (8)


We teased Cynthia about being an over-achiever because she made a beautiful envelope to go with her ATC.  We loved it.

VB BC 041311 (10)Oh, there's Elena's ATC.  She's still in her "broken wing" period. Using actual playing cards, her card says, "Broken but still flying..."  That is a cake popsicle heading into her mouth!

VB BC 041311Kat's ATC has a fairy on it and says, "Believe in Magic".

The cake popsicles were homemade and brought to us by Pam.  They were yummy!  She brought lot's of snacks to share and we indulged.  By the end of the night, we were competing for a couple of the last pops to take home.  Mine made it home, but didn't make it through the night.  So delicious!  Thanks Pam.

Here are some of the art pieces that the ladies shared.

Let's start with Nanci's beautiful resin work.  She embedded keys and rhinestones into her pieces making them so unique and gorgeous.

VB BC 041311a (2)

VB BC 041311a (8)   VB BC 041311a (3)

VB BC 041311a (11) VB BC 041311a (6)VB BC 041311a (7)

Nanci gets a perfect dome on top which is one of the wonderful benefits of the ICE Resin.

VB BC 041311b


This encaustic collage was created by Kat two days before the Tsunami in Japan.  It's going in the Charity Wings for Japan Raffle.VB BC 041311b (2)


These miniature canvases were collaged and painted by Pam.  The Heart was donated to the Charity Wings for Japan raffle.

VB BC 041311b (3)


Glenna made a stack of these sweet Thank You cards.  The little flower was made with crystal glitter.


VB BC 041311b (4)

Lola is the master at these puzzle boxes.  It's actually one piece of paper that has been embellished and folded to create a box.

VB BC 041311b (5)VB BC 041311b (6)    VB BC 041311b (7)

Nanci created this beautiful photo album using the Graphic 45 paper for her dear friend.  The cover is very three dimensional and has so much character.

VB BC 041311b (9)

More fun from Lola.  She created this themed art for a party.  It's so adorable that we all wanted one.VB BC 041311b (8)

Lola also made an Easter basket created from paper.

VB BC 041311b (12) VB BC 041311b (11)

Another awesome puzzle box from Lola.  This one is for your 15 Favorite Vacations and came with a lid and a compass.  The papers are beautiful and are from Creative Memories.



LIFE IS LOVE - ATC Banner.  Due in May

Only criteria:

  • Size must be 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 and on chip-board
  • Letter must be Black
  • Make 10 ATC's of your letter

Letters were selected as follows:

  • L  Davi

  • O  Cynthia

  • V  Nanci

  • E  Danette

  • I  Pam

  • S  Kat

  • L  Lola

  • I  Sheila

  • F  Elena

  • E  Glenna

Gentle Reminder of items you may want to bring next month:

  • Projects you've been working on
  • Something to share from the ICE Resin Book. Go here for a helpful video.
  • Tool kit, including scissors, glue,  a pen or pencil and your new book
  • A snack to share
  • Camera
Things to remember:
  • May will be the 4th month of a 4 month cycle and next meeting is on May 5th. 
  • We will be meeting at Elena's until further notice.
  • We are hoping to book Fran Valera as our guest speaker in June.  She is going to teach us new techniques in Resin.  Check out her website.  In the meantime, think about a photo that you would like to use in a piece of resin art and email it to me.  I will be sending it to Fran so that she can size it.


  1. another awesome post by Kat! She rocks!and having a baby to boot!

    click on the word share in the upper left hand corner and post the blog on your facebook for fun!

  2. Thanks Kat for doing this blog. Its nice to see what I missed out on. Unfortunately Jack lost his tooth all on its own just before it was time to leave and he was freaking out over it and all the blood. Once I got the bleeding to stop, Jack proceeded to try and put the tooth back in his mouth. Needless to say, it was a ruff night for my boy. Miss all of you wonderful ladies. Sending out HUGS to you all!!!! Danette