Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cool Scrapbook Stuff Book Club Welcomes Special Guest, Tracy Weinzapfel


Here are some of this month's circle journal pages.


FB Alma

We had such a great time this month.  Our special guest, Tracy Weinzapfel, President of Helmar USA joined us for the evening.  She is extremely educated on her product and taught us everything we would ever need to know about Helmar Glue.  It seems there is a glue for everything and if you use the right glue for your project, you will have much better results...a good thing for every artist to know.



Tracy and Elena

FB Tracy

Cyndi and Kat having fun with glue and posing with a finished Make and Take.


IMG_0416 IMG_0417

This is an example of a glue holder that can be ordered through Tracy.  Look at all the different glues that Helmar makes.



Some of the girls working on their Make and Take.  That's Cynthia, Alicia, Kathren, Denise, Gaye, and Tracy is standing.


And, on this side of the room is Kat, Cyndi, Peggy, Judy and Alma.


Kathren sharing her finished Make and Take.


Elena is in the process of working on a gorgeous Mandala.  This is just the beginning.  It's amazing how many layers are involved.



Tracy shared some of her art journals with us and I snapped some pics of a couple of pages.  Her style is wonderful.  "Words and color are what inspire me," says Tracy.



Debby created this fabulous travel journal.  It has pockets for receipts and other bits of ephemera.  There are pages for journaling and pages for adding photos.  What a wonderful keepsake to remember a trip of a lifetime.




Gaye said, "I was so inspired by Alicia's art last month that I had to give it a try."  And, so she did.  She made this wonderful picture using paint and crackle medium, papers and embellishments.IMG_0433IMG_0435

Gaye had so much fun and was so inspired that she created a whole series of pictures for her office.  The theme of course, is the Wizard of Oz.  The papers are by Graphic 45.IMG_0437IMG_0439

These photos do not do justice to Gaye's beautiful creations. 

I look forward to seeing a picture of them hanging in her office.



Gaye has been a very busy artist this month.  She made book marks for all of us at Book Club.  Her inspiration was from the Stampington Magazine, Somerset Life, which is the book we are working with this cycle.  Thank you Gaye for your thoughtfulness. 


This is what Gaye put on the back of our bookmarks.  A reminder of some good books that she recommends.











This incredible piece of art is Alicia's.  It's a shadow box that has been embellished with all kinds of awesome goodies that one would find in nature. 

Every time you look at it, you see something new.



It was lost and now it's found!  Elena created this necklace for Kat for her birthday.  It is a picture of a Suzi Blu petite doll.  The necklace was at Suzi's house for awhile because it was being photographed for Suzi's upcoming book.  Somehow it was lost, and we thought it was lost forever.  So sad!  Then weeks later, it was found in the sofa.  Yey!  So happy!



Kat's been busy with resin again.  Kat and Suzi Blu spent the day together making these adorable Little Windows.  These pendants were made with Little Windows Brilliant Resin, created by Fran Valera.  The little boy is Kat's new grandson, Alex.  The little girls are Suzi Blu La La Girls. 




Elena has been having fun creating button stacks and making them into fabulous jewelry.  As a designer for Blumenthal Lansing, her assignment was to make necklaces for Michael's.  Who knew they could be so elegant!


What an ingenious way to show what can be done with buttons and beads!  They are lovely!



Judy, made this clever collage with one of our most recent kits.  Such a cute way to turn zippers into wall art



Have you ever melted UTEE over an inked stamp and then pulled it off?  That's what this is.  Kat created this cute little embellishment for a future project. 



IMG_0460That's right, it's broken! 

Hmmm!  Tracy, I wonder who would do such a thing?  Hee Hee.



Here is the adorable Make and Take that Tracy brought for each of us.  It is a little 4x4 photo album or art journal.  Each item is attached with a different glue.  Go to the Helmar website to learn more about all the fabulous glues, including Liquid Pop Dots.  Yep!  It's in a tube!  Check out all the cool videos with Tracy showing you how to use these different glues. 

It's amazing how much easier it is to do art when you are using the appropriate glue for the type of materials you are using in your project.  I think we all learned a lot from our very special guest, Tracy Weinzapfel.



Our kit this month included, 2 pieces of Hollywood Vogue by Webster's Pages, a wooden dress form, a lace pack by KaiserCraft, and a bottle of Liquid Leaf by Plaid.


Gentle Reminder of items you may wish to bring next month:

  • Circle Journal
  • Your book - Somerset Life (Can be purchased at Cool Scrapbook Stuff.)
  • Projects you've been working on
  • Finished project from Book Club kit
  • Tool kit, including scissors, glue and a pen or pencil
  • Camera
  • A snack to share

Things to remember:

  • Next month is the second month of this cycle.  Our meeting is scheduled for  September 21, at 6:30. 

Tag swap.  Elena will provide the tags. The tags are about you.

  • Starts in August
  • Due in October
  • Make tags that include a picture of you.  
  • Add some little know fact or facts about yourself.
  • Make 13

White Elephant Gift Exchange.  Christmas is around the corner.  Start thinking about and working on your Gift.  It must be something wonderful, that you created, and would want to keep for yourself.  Put your best foot forward.  We will discuss whether we are going to have our party in November or December.



  1. Wonderful recap, Kat!I am always so inspired by all these creative gals!

  2. Thanks, Kat! I look forward to reading this blog every month! Thanks again to Gaye for the "fairy-fly-by", and thanks to Debby and Cool Scrapbooks for the donations of art supplies for my classroom!!

  3. Looks like you all had a great time. Miss you all and all of the giggles.

  4. Kat, this is a wonderful way to remember an evening chock full of conversation, good times and laughter. Thank you for this and all you do to keep us in line... or herding cats ;-)

  5. I just love getting to read these posts! soooo awesome Kat!