Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Creating Outside the Box at Gee Gee's

Gee Gee's is a new location for our Book Club.  We are super excited about being here.  Gayle and Linda welcomed us with open arms and are awesome.  We are looking forward to getting to know them better.


GG BC 050511 (2)Suzi Blu was our special guest this month.  She actually provided our make and take, which is a Suzi Art ATC.  She brought all her stamps and each of us went home armed with lots of great stamped pictures to play with and create something awesome.



Suzi and Elena being cute for the camera.  Elena is showing us the Suzi art that she made for her Mom for Mother's Day.  It kind of looks like Elena. 

GG BC 050511 (23)

We had an ATC swap this month.  We swapped letters that spelled the words Love is Life.  Here are a few of the letters we produced. 

GG BC 050511 (3)

Glenna created a beautiful collage based on our book club kit from a few months ago.

GG BC 050511 (4)

Kat painted, penciled and watercolored these Suzi Art canvas tags using Faber Castell products.


GG BC 050511 (6)

How cute is this?  Glenna made these embellished dress forms from a Tim Holtz die-cut.  It's the inspiration for our next swap. 

GG BC 050511 (7)

A closer look!

GG BC 050511 (8)

Sheila recently attended the 5-year anniversary party for Charity Wings.  She gifted each guest with a handmade wine journal.  What a great idea!






GG BC 050511 (9)



A closer look at Elena's Suzi art. 

GG BC 050511 (10)

Elena's wounded-wing resin art made with ICE Resin.





GG BC 050511 (11)GG BC 050511 (12)

A fabric collage made with tea-dyed fabrics and vintage lace.  This is a picture of Kat's mother when she was a little girl.

GG BC 050511 (14)

Glenna and Sheila wanting to know more about Suzi's pretty art bag.

GG BC 050511 (15)

Suzi talking about her stamps and describing some unique ways to use them to create art.  There's a picture of Gigi.  See the little stamped picture below.

GG BC 050511 (19)Here are a couple of stamped images that we will be using for our project.

GG BC 050511

Kat's still trying to perfect the resin art.  Here's a few more pieces.

GG BC 050511 (18)

Cynthia and Glenna working on Suzi stamps.

GG BC 050511 (20)

Elena and Terri making some pretty stamped images.

GG BC 050511 (21)

Kat and Pam working the ATC angle.


GG BC 050511 (17)

Here's are kit for this month.  A sheet of plexi-glass, Beacon's Fast Finish Decoupage, Dew Drops from The Rubber Café, a bottle of Luminarte Radiant Rain Color Concentrate, by Creative Imaginations a Torte Tin, sheets of wallpaper, some ribbon and embellies.





  • Kat Baker
  • Suzi Blu
  • Cynthia Ellis
  • Elena Etcheverry
  • Sheila Goldsberry
  • Nanci Ishii
  • Terri kinjo
  • Kristal Lemke
  • Pam Rothberg
  • Glenna Ruoff

Gentle Reminder of items you may want to bring next month:

  • Projects you've been working on
  • Tool kit, including scissors, glue,  a pen or pencil.
  • A couple of people have letter ATC's to bring.
  • A snack to share
  • Camera
Things to remember:
  • June will be the 1st month of a 4-month cycle and the meeting is June 2nd
  • We have booked Fran Valera as our special guest speaker.  She is going to teach us new techniques in Resin.  Check out her website
  • We will be meeting at the Boys and Girls Club in Carlsbad.  The address is

    3115 Roosevelt Street

    Carlsbad, 92008

    (760) 729-0207

  • Please arrive a few minutes early so we can start on time.
  • Pick out a photo that you would like to use in a piece of resin art and email it to Kat.  I will be sending it to Fran so that she can size it.

  • We are doing a dress-form swap that will be due in September.  We will be die-cutting the dress forms at the June meeting.  Bring chip board or whatever you want to use for your die-cuts.


  1. Love sorry that I missed it once again(thanks Jack!!!!!Mommy still loves you). I am so thankful for this blog to fill me in on what I miss out on. Thanks Kat.

  2. Love all of the info on your updates, Kat! I have got to make it to one of those meetings, it looks like a lot of fun.

  3. i love your updates kat. especially since i am in the other club - it is great to see what everyone is making..

  4. Feeling homesick looking at pictures of all of you and your wonderful art !