Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Creating Outside the Book With Fran Valera from Little Windows


First Row: Nanci, Kat, and Sheila. 

Second Row:  Pam, Terri, Glenna, Cynthia, Allyson, Elena, Fran, Cheryl, Kristal and Danette.

What a fun filled, learning event we shared with Fran Valera.  Fran was our special guest teacher and she brought a wealth of information about her product, Little Window Brilliant Resin.  Fran developed the resin herself and gave us an extensive overview of it's uses.  She is very hands-on and responsive to her customers.  The Little Windows website includes a store to purchase resin and coordinating tools, how-to videos, a project idea gallery and a photo cropping program so that you can make your own custom jewelry or art.

CBGC BC 060211



Fran and Elena










Samples of Little Windows jewelry.





Other uses for Resin, such as ornaments and a phone identifier.



Art work by Belinda Spiwak.


Belinda Spiwak is an awesome mixed media artist from the Chicago area.  She created these wonderful pieces with Little Windows Brilliant Resin.  This technique is called flood-coating with resin.



Nanci and Elena checking out all the wonderful samples.


IMG_0053 IMG_0063

It was a very busy night!  We also had a work station set up for our current swap.  The ladies are die-cutting dress forms from the Tim Holtz line.  We will be altering the dress forms and then swapping them.



What is everyone watching?


Fran is demonstrating how to drill into the Little Windows using a hand-drill or an electric drill.  She also showed us how to add a headpin, which can be fashioned into a decorative loop for hanging the Little Windows on a necklace or ribbon.


More flood-coating artwork by Belinda Spiwak.  Check out her blog for more resin art goodness.



Two more letters to our ATC Banner Swap from last cycle.  The E was made by Kristal and Elena made the F.




IMG_0065Here is our book club kit.  In the kit is everything we need to make many Little Windows.  This month's kit included the Little Windows brilliant resin, molds, doming tray, special photo paper, a bag of embellishments, a hand drill, and some pictures already properly shaped.  I can't wait to see what these amazing artists create with their kit.

Even with all that was in the kit, just about everyone purchased more product right there on the spot.

I foresee lots of Little Windows on the next blog post.


Gentle Reminder of items you may want to bring next month:

  • Projects you've been working on
  • Little Windows Resin Art Projects
  • Tool kit, including scissors, glue,  a pen or pencil.
  • Did everyone bring their letter ATC?
  • A snack to share
  • Camera
Things to remember:
  • July will be the 2nd month of a 4-month cycle and the meeting is July 7th. 
  • We will be meeting at Gee Gee's.
  • We are doing a dress-form swap that will be due in September, which is the last month of our cycle.  Ladies who have committed to the swap are:

    • Kat Baker
    • Suzi Blu
    • Cynthia Ellis
    • Elena Etcheverry
    • Ally Evers
    • Sheila Goldsberry
    • Nanci Ishii
    • Terri Kinjo
    • Kristal Lemke
    • Cheryl Lindsay
    • Danette Munn
    • Glenna Ruoff
    • Pam Rothberg
  • Book Club crop at Cool Scrapbook Stuff in Poway, on June 12, 10:30-5:30.  We are full, but if you're interested check for cancellations.  I had one today.



  1. Ack! I guess I managed to close my eyes at the right time, huh? Anyway, it was a fun meeting. I look forward to seeing what everyone does with their resin.

  2. Wow! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun and made some pretty cool stuff. I can wait to see your creations in person.