Monday, November 14, 2011

Gee Gee’s Book Club


This cycle included a swap of tags with our picture and a little know personal fact.  We had a ton of fun with this swap.


Goodness!  We were so busy!  Here are pictures of our canvas swap.  Each month someone adds something new and passes their canvas to the next person.  It’s really fun to see what everyone does. 


IMG_0844Terri created this inspirational piece.  That’s a shattered trophy that she used as her embellishment. Thought provoking!












Glenna has also been busy creating beautiful canvases.  Here’s one of HOPE.  And, what an awesome idea to add a dress form to a canvas.  The background is from a paper bag.  Cool!









IMG_0847   Pam made this little Wing Art character for Elena’s charity, Charity Wings



IMG_0868Lola never ceases to amaze us with her creativity.  She made both of these fabulously crazy dolls from found items.  You can’t stop looking at them.  Each time, you will see something you didn’t see before.




What could this be?



That’s right!  Another fabulous creation from Lola.

It’s a double sided Halloween banner.



Talk about getting creative!  Nanci made this beautiful scrapbook specifically for book club.  She is adding items from our swaps, such as the dress form swap.  She even labeled the pages.  I love it and I want it.




This month’s kit included a Configuration from the Tim Holtz Idea-ology line.  We also received a bunch of fun papers, ribbons and a baggie full of buttons and fun embellishments.




Here’s another clever idea of Elena’s.  Some of us actually made clothes for our doll. Can’t have a naked doll hanging around!  


We had so much fun playing with our little canvases.  Most of us stuck to the basic idea that Elena presented, and still, look at all the different interpretations.  A couple of other members stepped way outside the box and created adorableness.  With only 30 minutes to create and a whole bunch of leaves, I think they are all fabulous.


Gentle Reminder of items you may want to bring next month:

  • White Elephant Gift Exchange – Make it awesome!
  • Canvas Swap
  • Current book is Mixed and Stitched by Jen Osborn
  • Tool kit, including scissors, glue, a pen or pencil.
    • A snack to share
    • Camera

    Things to remember:

    • December is the 4th month of a 4-month cycle and the meeting is Thursday, December 1st, at 6:30, at Gee Gee's Stamp 'n' Stuff.



    1. We sure were busy! What a fun night!

    2. It was a really great night - I was so glad to be back !!!!