Friday, October 28, 2011

Awesome Crop

It's true!  We had so much fun at the Crop Spot at Cool Scrapbook Stuff in Poway.  Six and half hours to craft, laugh and giggle, shop and eat.  Everyone came focused and ready to get down to business.  The wheelie carts started rolling in and the next thing you know, we were having a blast.  The coupons and discounts came out and what do you think happen next...everyone had shopping bags of goodies.  Oh yeah!  It was a fun day!


Gaye didn't waste any time getting to work on her beautiful invitations to a party that she is having for her girlfriends.  The best part was that she completed them. 



Kathren spent the day working on her adorable snow people.  She started with a couple of them and by the end of the day, there was a whole family.  They are beautiful.IMG_0763


IMG_0747Caught Denise doing what we all did at some point during the day.  Look at that awesome food.  Go for it Denise!  You know you want to!IMG_0750


Alma worked on her "SPOOKY" banner.  Can't wait to see it when it's finished.  I heard about some charms being added.



Kristal made great use of her time.  Check out the gorgeous art panels below.


She is working with some great new embossing techniques.  I see a future Make and Take.


So pretty!



Glenna started her day decorating these fabulous pumpkins.

Caught her taking a lunch break. 





Fern fastidiously finished putting together a gorgeous scrapbook album.  It started out as a kit that she received at a Quick Quotes event.  She had pages of instructions and with perseverance, she put it together and it looks beautiful.



Between trips to the fabulous local shopping, Nanci worked diligently on her scrapbook.



This is Fern's guest, Linda.  She worked on this gorgeous wedding album.  Using her Cricut, she made these beautiful fonts and scroll work.



Maybe she'd like to join our Book Club.


IMG_0778Here is Lola posing with her little Smurf man.  The Smurf is representative of her wonderful Smurf album. 




Elena taking a lunch break.  We had some incredible food to choose from.



Not one, but two tables full of food.  We had salads, crackers, brie, more salads, corn chowder and corn bread, fruit, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, chips and homemade, hot chai.



Look at this fabulous cake that Elena claims to have made all by herself. 

Impressed?  We were!!!


It actually tasted great.  The inside was layered and yummy.



Oh my gosh, last, but certainly not least, was an exciting, fun Make and Take.  Cynthia out did herself.  She brought all the goodies to make these oh so scary coffins.  It was like going to a buffet.  Everything you needed to make your skeleton coffin was there.  Each one turned out different.

 IMG_0762    IMG_0771

Here are some finished ideas that a couple of the ladies came up with.  What a super fun project.  Yey for Cynthia.  Thank you.

I'm sorry, I missed snapping a pic of a few of the ladies...Ally, Alicia, Cynthia and Pam.


Next crop will be in January, unless someone has some ideas.  Leave me a message here if you think we should have another crop before the end of the year.





















  1. Great recap on a fun day with all my book club pals. Not sure I will have a free day on a weekend to crop before January but would definitely like to crop more in 2012. Thank you again for all you do for us!

  2. Yes, so good to get to hag with my crew again !

  3. looks like loads of fun.. sorry to have missed it. thanks Kat for posting so I could almost be there.