Monday, December 19, 2011

Cool Scrapbook Stuff Book Club Holiday Party



Bottom on the floor: Alma, Elena, Gaye, Cynthia in Red Plaid, Tricia kneeling.

Top on sofa: Alicia, Kat, Kathren, Peggy peeking around and Cyndi in white.


What a fun fun night we had!  We gathered together at Alicia’s home for a potluck and White Elephant Gift Exchange.  Alicia’s home was beautifully decorated in holiday décor, warm and comfortable.  I think everyone felt like me, completely at home.  We were in a lovely setting, with great food, and we were together.  It was so much fun.



A little bit of show and tell was a good way to start the evening. 

Kathren made this little holiday scene out of last month’s kit, which is unbelievable.





Gaye loves Alice in Wonderland and is quite knowledgeable about it’s origin, etc.  She created this fun wall art.


I spy a couple of kit items here and there.  Awesome art!



Alicia created this gorgeous canvas, which was recently published in Stampington’s Somerset Studio.  We have a celebrity in our midst and she’s so humble about it.


After Show and Tell, we did a delightful Make and Take, which was taught by Elena.  It was a paper ball ornament.  Check out the slide show. 




Tricia, Cynthia and PeggyIMG_1692


This is Alicia making a salad in her beautiful blue kitchen.  Thanks Alicia for opening your home to us.  It was truly a treat.






IMG_1693Everyone was beginning to gather to eat.  We had an excellent dinner and some yummy desserts.  Here’s Gaye getting ready to get in line.



IMG_1694The very cute Elena and Chico sending an important text.  




It always helps to stick out your tongue when texting.  Kind of like feeding a baby with your mouth open.



IMG_1710Oh my gosh, the enchiladas that Alma made were scrumptious!  We need that recipe.  I think we scraped the platter clean.  We also had awesome spaghetti and sweet potato cobbler that didn’t necessarily have to be a dessert, but could be.  I ate it as a side dish and loved it. 

We had dips and chips, wine, peppermint brownies and a double chocolate cake.  Oh, and some kind of tini’s.



See the smiles…that was all night.  Lots of laughs and smiles.


IMG_1713Presents for each of us from Elena!  It’s a lovely glass bird ornament in a nest.




Let the eating begin! 


Here we are all gathered around the table sharing a meal.


Seriously, did you look at our plates!  We definitely enjoyed a fine meal.  The food was awesome, but eating together was even better!


Next order of business was to sing Happy Birthday to Alicia and Elena. 


Ok, almost the moment we’ve been waiting for!  But first…


We needed to take a couple of group pictures, which Alicia’s husband Jimmy so graciously managed for us.  They say laughter is good for the soul.  Our soul’s were feeling pretty good on this night.


Check out this slide show to see some of the fun we had opening and stealing gifts.



This very pretty WISH banner and adorable box that Alicia stole was made by Tricia.



Peggy’s gift is a fabulous mermaid canvas and ornament created by Cynthia.IMG_1741

Cyndi was excited to get this absolutely charming Alice in Wonderland Scrapbook lovingly created by Denise.











Cynthia, who was Denise’s proxy received this delightful denim covered scrapbook made by Cyndi.  It’s perfect for a boy or girl.  Awesome!




Oh yeah, Tricia knew what she wanted and went after it.  She got this beautiful Christmas Configurations box made by Gaye.





Elena was pretty excited about receiving this beautiful canvas, which was created by Peggy.



After some stealing, Gaye got her hands on the beautiful snowman and Santa that was hand painted by Marji.



After having an item stolen from her, Kathren screamed when she saw her gift, which is a beautiful, vintage button bracelet made by Elena.




Kat was the lucky recipient of this elegant dress form mannequin made by Alma.IMG_1748

Alicia actually created the stamp herself and made this beautiful card set and calendar, which went to Marji through Elena as her proxy.



Alma’s incredible wall collage was made by Kathren.



Cynthia received a pretty “big head girl” painting, which was created by Kat.

All in all, there was only a little bit of stealing and everyone went home with a beautiful homemade item created by one of our Book Club sisters. 


Things to remember:

  • January is the 3rd month of this cycle and our meeting will be held on January 18th, at 6:30, at Cool Scrapbook Stuff.  Please be sure to check in at the front desk.

Things to remember to bring:

  • Your art that you would like to “show and tell”
  • Art that you made from the Book Club kit
  • Our current book (Somerset Holidays)
  • A simple tool kit, including scissors, glue and a pen or pencil
  • Camera
  • Snack


  1. Great recap Kat!It was such a fun night. Can't wait for January!

  2. Thanks Gaye. Me too! I loved it! See you next year. Ha ha is that so old or what! I still like saying it though. Have a great Christmas.

  3. This was so much fun. Alicia's house was so cozy and warm. I love laughing with everyone. See you next month at the crop and group. Thanks for such an awesome blog Kat!

  4. Looks like it was a GREAT TIME!!! Sorry I missed it.