Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gee Gee’s Book Club Holiday Party


Bottom Row:  Ally, Jen Cushman, Cynthia.  Middle Row:  Sheila, Liz Hicks, Terri, Kat, Nanci.  Top Row: Pam, Lola, Elena, Kristal, Glenna

Oh my Gosh, look at all these fun crazy girls.  Did we have a fun holiday party and White Elephant Swap?  Oh yes!  Here we are posing at Gee Gee’s with our wares.


Laughing out loud right here!  I think everyone had a fabulous time.



One of the highlights of our evening was our two special guests.  Jen Cushman and Liz Hicks, each nationally recognized mixed media artists.  How many small intimate book clubs get to have such wonderful super stars in their mists?  Not many, but since they were going to be teaching at the Charity Wings 2nd annual Seaside Soiree, in Oceanside, they graced us with an appearance and we were thrilled.  They stayed and partook in the festivities, adding to the excitement and fun of our party.  By the end of the evening we wanted to keep them!  Please check their websites to get to know these two wonderful ladies. 


This month, we started our evening by sharing what we added to our canvases.  We are still enjoying the thrill of passing them to each other.  Every month they come back looking more and more finished. Everyone has their own unique spin on adding embellishments, etc. View the slide show and take a look at how awesome they are progressing.

Next, we involved ourselves in an exciting White Elephant Swap. If you don’t know what a White Elephant Swap is, you are missing some fun. You may want to look up the rules for this game and even possibly add it to your holiday traditions.



So, when I say, we involved ourselves, that’s putting it mildly. We had a blast selecting anonymously wrapped gifts and trying to hang on to them. Kristal had the first number and she selected this painting made by Kat.




Oh, but wait…





That didn’t last long because someone else decided they wanted the painting.  Kristal selected another gift and was thrilled to get this beautiful painting by Cynthia.


But hang on because that didn’t last long either…


I wanted it, got it, and had it for a minute





You got it!  Look who ended up with Cynthia’s painting.  It’s perfect…especially since the princess in the painting looks just like Elena.  Don’t you think?  See the pretty smile!  We all agreed!  Spitting image!



Glenna got this awesome Christmas Tree made with bottle caps.  Lola made it and the picture does not do it justice.  Uh Oh!  So sorry! 

Glenna didn’t get to keep it!



Jen has her goodie!  Did she get to keep it?


Jen Cushman ended up with this adorable canvas, pillow scene made by Pam.  She was delighted with her gift and can’t wait to share it with her daughter.



Kat’s gift was created by Glenna.  It’s an adorable sewed background in a frame.  One can write a menu or whatever they want on the glass.  Kat says it will fit beautifully in her kitchen.




Cynthia selected the gift that was handmade by Jen.  It’s a cuff bracelet with fabric on top that swivels.  Again, the picture doesn’t do it justice.  It’s beautiful. 


I’m looking at this picture and thinking Lola and Ally are in the back ready to pounce on this gift.






Awe!  Check out this adorable doll set.  They are a bonded pair named Hoot ‘n’ Annie!  Sheila made them and Pam took them home.  Pam has a little girl who will love them.



Terri selected this beautiful scarf handmade by Ally.  Doesn’t it look like two different scarves.  It’s beautiful!



Yep, you guessed it, Miss Sheila snagged the gorgeous Christmas Tree made by Lola.


IMG_0958Ally had the journal, but Glenna confiscated it for her own.  It’s an elegantly made journal with signatures and stitching on the spine made by Terri











Nanci ended up with the painting by Kat and was very happy with her gift.




Lola took home this beautiful apron lovingly sewed by Nanci.













Ally was very happy with her gift, which is a beautiful photo album made by Kristal.













And, Kristal who picked first and also had the luxury of picking last, was delighted with her handmade bead and button bracelet created by Elena.



Sheila shared a Christmas Ornament Make and Take that she learned from her besty, Mark Montano.  We had fun trying to make our hands work with this sweet little ornament.  Check out Mark’s blog for a tutorial.



Here is Liz holding our December kit.  Each of them were wrapped in this beautiful toile tissue paper, which, of course, I kept for for my stash.  Inside was a jar of Snow by Mudd Puddles, 2 jars of large embossing stones, star Punchinello, elegant trim, and some elegant star and wing embellies.  Perfect for the holidays!


It was a fun, fabulous holiday evening.  We bonded more than ever, ate potluck (yum, loved the hot brie and bread brought by Elena), enjoyed our wonderful special guests, Liz and Jen, and mostly

laughed all night. 

Thanks to Gayle, owner of Gee Gee’s Stamp and Stuff, for closing the store and joining us for this fun event.



Gentle Reminder of items you may want to bring next month:

  • Canvas Swap
  • Current book TBA
  • Tool kit, including scissors, glue, a pen or pencil.
    • A snack to share
    • Camera

    Things to remember:

    • January is the 1st month of a 4-month cycle and the meeting is Thursday, January 5th, at 6:30, at Gee Gee's Stamp 'n' Stuff.

    We hope everyone will come back for another cycle.

    If you are considering more creative time in the new year, this is a perfect opportunity for you to mingle with other ladies who love to create.  January is the beginning of a new four month cycle and our club is open to new members.  Contact Gee Gee’s to sign up. 

    Gee Gee’s: (760) 729-1779

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